Whilst most of the software I have developed lives in proprietary code bases, here are some of the open-source projects I have worked on.


  • MCC App

    A Merchant Category Code (MCC) is a 4 digit number that broadly classifies the type of product or service that a business offers. Although there is an ISO standard, finding the appropriate MCC code for those in the payment ecosystem is often a chore.

    This application uses descriptions sourced from Mastercard and a Natual Language Processing model, [BERT]( to give the closest match based on a search string. Try it out now!

    The back-end is written in Python with Fast API and the front-end is standard React.


  • Renku

    Renku is an open platform which provides tools to make data science reproducible. It bundles several open-source tools together to link datasets and workflows through a knowledge graph. I’ve worked on various parts of the project, but I mainly focus on developer advocation and product management. Our users come from a vast array of differing technical and educational backgrounds.

    GitHub | Discourse | Gitter

R packages

  • PanelPRO

    Multi-gene, multi-syndrome modelling from family history.

    Published in eLife